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Love Leader, Sacred FooL,
Musical Artist and Voice for our Highest Potential







Geoff Eido (IG: @geoffeido) is a musical artist, activist, humorist and voice for humanity based on a philosophy self-described as Love OS; a way of living that dissolves prejudices and barriers that divide us; bringing us into spaces that operate from a foundation of Love. His voice is raw power and fierce love, outrageous and satirical, and deeply heartfelt and contemplative.

Geoff hosts the PODCAST called LUNACY, a destination for explorations of consciousness and the nature of love, including deep probing conversations, real human moments, and outrageous humor to humanize self-discovery.  If you ask Geoff the cause he is most passionate about, it is elevating humanity through music, levity, and authentic dialogue with epic people.

A seeker of spiritual truth, Geoff is a student of love with a humorous lens on life. He seeks a life that's beyond the basic; a life fully lived and breathed. 


He interviews guests who have achieved aspects of this way of living to show others the way; clues to align to a higher path for humankind. Once a week Geoff takes his audience on a weekly deep dive, thoroughly exploring and explaining love and consciousness related topics, in his own irreverent and entertaining style.

His music is created as a note to self. " Music for me, is really an antidote to depression, to cynicism, to being resigned about life and a lens into understanding myself and the world around me. A lot of the songs that I write are looking to understand this mystery on a deeper level and and calling people and myself to question everything we experience in reality, so that we can find the truth together."

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